If you were thinking that this post is about females swallowing cum then you are right on the money!.

Women want to know what is it with guys & liking women to swallow their cum.

Is it porn?
yes its mostly porn ...watching the girls take it in the face & be excited to swallow their cum makes guys want a woman that is as nasty as the women they see in these porn flicks.

In all honestly though I think most guys are really only impressed with a female swallowing cum when she is giving head. Most girls are disgusted by it, hate the taste of it, they just don't like dudes cumming in their mouth. A lot of girls wont even give you head till you cum & The lucky guys that do have a woman that will do that most likely will not let you come in her mouth, she will hit you with that "Tell me when you're about to cum"& the even luckier guys that do have a woman that will suck you till you cum & catch it in their mouth they go spit it out.

The women I like to call "TROOPERS" will suck you till you cum, let you cum in their mouth & swallow it.
Now why do I call them troopers? uhhhh isn't it obvious ? You have to be a trooper to go through all the time & work it takes to suck a guy off until he cums, then have the gooey cum shoot into your mouth & thennnnnnnnnnnn have the heart to say fuck it I'm going to swallow it. THAT MY FRIENDS IS A TROOPER.

The reason why guys love it so much is not the fact that you're swallowing it  & liking it or pretending to like it but the fact that the head of the penis is the most sensitive between the time its about to cum & right after it cums.
So when you swallow the cum & continue to suck on it more it just feels good & its not so much of a buzz kill when you have to hear "Tell me when you're about to cum" or them stopping to let it squirt all over the place.

The whole idea of her being excited to let it ooze in her mouth & lick it up is only really appealing to certain dudes ....a lot of dudes can do without a female trying to be overly nasty/sexy with it they just want you to not be afraid to swallow it during a blow job. I mean if you don't want it all over your face, all over your hair, all over your clothes, maybe getting in your eye & all over the place just take it in the mouth lol

Some females my think that swallowing cum is a heal hazard, its only a health hazard if he has an STD which means you were fucked as soon as you started sucking it so don't feel too bad about swallowing it 0_0 .......stomach acids destroy the semen so don't worry about it building up to the point you will need to have your stomach pumped & you will not get pregnant.


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